In an atmosphere of ancient times, at our center you can find location for meetings concerning culture and hospitality inside an old monastery, restored and equipped with the latest technology. The Centre accommodates groups, individuals and families, and offers the opportunity to stay in a private and quiet place in the city centre of Venice, behind Gallerie dell’Accademia with direct overview on the Zattere quayside and on Giudecca Canal.

The entire building develops around three cloisters of 18th century and one cloister of 15th century near our Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione. Thanks to its vastness, its architecture, its gardens, its silence, our Center is an oasis inside the town: here even the rooms tell and create an atmosphere, by raising emotions.


Will let you discover all the magic atmospheres,
the incredible artistic heritage
of the Cultural Center Don Orione Artigianelli
and the magic in Venice.


What’s on in Venice

September 22, 2018

Venice is a surprisingly green city: its historic centre is scattered with public parks - precious and unexpected spaces to be enjoyed, like the Napoleonic Gardens and the Biennale, the Royal Gardens and the Papadopoli Gardens, ideal for a rest and refreshment - and historic gardens belonging to institutions and museums. More info in the Map for refreshment areas.

Do not miss the visit to the Mystical Garden of the Barefoot Carmelites, near Santa Lucia railway station; the gardens and cloisters of San Francesco della Vigna, in Castello; the garden and cloisters of the Redentore, in Giudecca; the park and the cloisters of San Giorgio Maggiore; the garden and the cloister of the monastery of San Lazzaro degli Armeni: places of meditation and peace, surrounded by greenery. The garden of Palazzetto Bru-Zane can be visited when the premise is open to the public for concerts and events. Walk down the garden of Ca 'Rezzonico and enjoy a unique glimpse of the Grand Canal from the garden of Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti. Unusual is The Nasher Sculpture Garden where works works from the permanent collections are exhibited and the back garden of Carlo Scarpa in the Querini Stampalia Foundation. In the mainland visit the Parks and the Woods of Mestre, following the itineraries in perfect harmony with the environment.

If you're interested in visiting the oasis, dunes and the pine forest of San Nicolò and the wetlands of Santa Maria del Mare, nothing better than the cycling path along the coast of Lido and Pellestrina, arrinvg  by vaporetto ACTV. Remember that bicycles are forbidden (even when only lead by hand) in Venice city centre

Do not miss the opportunity to visit  the gardens and parks of the Riviera del Brenta villas, the boxwood hedges labyrinth of Villa Pisani, the park of Villa Venier Contarini or Villa Widman or Villa Foscari, also known as La Malcontenta.

September 14, 2018

Autumn can be a wonderful time to visit the city: Venice shows its more authentic version, the Venetians' everyday city, still plenty of things to see and do. The " Festa del Mosto" (Festival of the must, freshly pressed grape juice) in Sant’Erasmo Island, on September 30. There will be entertainment activities for kids , the pressing demonstration, the famous Venetian rowing regatta "mixed" (where the crew, unlike any other rowing competition, are composed of a man and a woman) and the band. 5-7 October is Garden festival a special occasion for walking in colourful fall red-gold-orange gardens, often closed to the public. Thousands of running entusiasts will run the Venicemarathon on 25th October starting from Stra along the Riviera del Brenta, finish line at Riva Sette Martiri. Do not miss the Biennale Architettura (until November 25) and the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Venetian painter, Jacopo Tintoretto , the new exbitions and the theatrical season (Check our Calendar of events). On 21st November  the Feast of Madonna della Salute is celebrated, with a temporary bridge over the Grand Canal to the Salute Church and special masses. It is a very Venetian feast. Even today, thousands of people make the pilgrimage to pay homage to the Virgin and to light a candle asking her to keep them in good health. The procession of believers passes stalls selling sweets, coloured balloons and toys. Special foods are prepared just for this day. In the mainland, in the islands and in the historic centre a rich calendar of events for Le Città in Festa. If you are looking for new perspectives so to discover the true soul of the city, autumn is the best choice.

September 07, 2018

Every year for two days in September, Italy celebrates the European Heritage Days, in the frame of the programme promoted since 1991 by the European Council and the European Commission. During the European Heritage Days, doors are opened to thousands of monuments and sites (some of them normally closed to the public), allowing people to enjoy free visits, learn about their shared cultural heritage and become actively involved in the safeguarding of Europe's heritage for present and future generations. Million people participate to the events. Venetian State cultural places and local museums, as well as galleries, foundations and private associations with guided tours, special initiatives and openings of spaces normally closed to the public, participate to the EHD. Saturday, September 22nd evening special openings are also included with admission at the nominal cost of 1 euro. 

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August 31, 2018

Venice historic centre is completely pedestrian, it is not allowed to ride bikes nor any other cycles, not even carrying them by hand. It is only allowed to carry bikes by hand exclusively in the short itinerary going from Venice-Piazzale Roma, across Costituzione bridge, and then going along Santa Lucia bank, until the Scalzi Bridge.

For those arriving in Mestre by bike and directed to Venice, a bike-park is available with more than 800 places nearby Venezia-Mestre railway station, in Trento street.

Venice mainland has plenty of green areas: two big urban parks - Parco San Giuliano and Parco Albanese - as well as a 230-hectare area of woodland, that can be visited by bike lanes. All these green areas can be quite easily reached from Mestre historic centre by bycicle, thanks to an extensive network of cycling and walking routes.

To go to Lido and Pellestrina islands with your bike, you can only use special allocated ACTV public transport routes:

In Mestre and at the Lido of Venice there is a fully automated public bicycle-sharing system, available 24/7. The first hour of use is free, while the next minutes are charged according to the given rates. To access the bike sharing service, you must have a Venezia Unica card. You can register online, or at authorized sales points.

Other itineraries on the outskirts:

But you can choose many other bike tourism itineraries in the Region of Veneto.

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August 23, 2018

You are invited to the concert of sacred music at our Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione Friday, August 31st at 6.00 p.m. with free admission. The international choral project of Dr. Edzard Burchards and Dr. Kai Schulze-Forster chose music by Willaert, Gabrieli, Monteverdi, Merulo, Legrenzi, Lotti.