In an atmosphere of ancient times, at our center you can find location for meetings concerning culture and hospitality inside an old monastery, restored and equipped with the latest technology. The Centre accommodates groups, individuals and families, and offers the opportunity to stay in a private and quiet place in the city centre of Venice, behind Gallerie dell’Accademia with direct overview on the Zattere quayside and on Giudecca Canal.

The entire building develops around three cloisters of 18th century and one cloister of 15th century near our Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione. Thanks to its vastness, its architecture, its gardens, its silence, our Center is an oasis inside the town: here even the rooms tell and create an atmosphere, by raising emotions.


Will let you discover all the magic atmospheres,
the incredible artistic heritage
of the Cultural Center Don Orione Artigianelli
and the magic in Venice.


What’s on in Venice

January 21, 2019

If you are near Castello, Calle dei Furlani, don't miss the opportunity to visit the church of San Giovanni Battista of the Order of Malta. The church of San Giovanni Battista is a church that has given hospitality to two different chivalric orders: Knights Templars and Knights Hospitalers. The church was built in 1187 by the Knights Templars, at the same time as the nearby close conventual building, in present times the seat of the Grand Priory of Lombardy and Venice: The Church was referred to over the centuries as the church of San Giovanni during the time of the Knights Templars, Giovanni Battista during the Knights Hospitallers, but by Venetians as the Church of San Giovanni dei Furlani, due to the large presence of the community from Friuli in this area. The present complex goes back to the restoration works carried out by the Grand Master Sebastiano Michiel between 1498 and 1505. The church had originally seven altars, in 1498 these were reduced to five and in 1806 during the time of Napoleon the church was stripped of all of them and used as theatre. When the Austrians repossessed Venice the church was redecorated with three altars coming from the storehouse of the State Property of Santa Margherita. Giovanni Bellini painted for this church the altar piece depicting the baptism of Jesus and close to him the commissioner of the painting, the Grand Master Sebastiano Michiel in 1500. Info: Palazzo Malta, Castello 3253 Venezia te. +39 3478727201

December 20, 2018
Happy Holidays!   Feliz Navidad Feliz Natal メリークリスマス 圣诞节快乐 Joyeux Noël Frohe Weihnachten Wesołych Świąt God jul С Рождеством Glædelig jul Hyvää joulua Καλά Χριστούγεννα 메리 크리스마스 Best wishes to our followers who love Venice and respect it. Venice, a Unesco World Heritage Site, represents  a cultural and natural asset of exceptional value, demanding its preservation and transmission to future generations.Venice is a magical city at any time of the year and you will certainly see more of its magic during Christmas. Our thanks to all the people who follow our newsletter and love and respect Venice. Wishing your Christmas be filled with peace and happiness!
December 17, 2018
Traveling is a way of living. It keeps us alive and connected in a manner that transcends technology, although we benefit from it: since we can learn more about Venice, in just a few mouse clicks. Would you like to discover secret places and tips to go beyond the usual tourist sights and see Venice with new eyes to experience the city as a local, and at the same time respecting this city which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

If this is the case, consult #EnjoyRespectVenezia, the city of Venice's awareness campaign promoted to guide visitors towards the adoption of responsible behaviors that respect the environment, the landscape, the artistic beauties and the identity of Venice and its inhabitants. You will find good rules with advice and recommendations to become travellers that are more aware and the suggestions to follow those sustainable itineraries outside the usual paths that lead to the discovery of unusual city views; palaces, gardens, churches and museums unknown to most; historic villages of the islands of the lagoon; ancient fortifications, natural areas and cycle-pedestrian routes in the Venetian mainland. Even in winter Venice has its charm,... discover it. you have the best chance of a quiet tour, enjoying the city and respecting it, to live it to the fullest!

From "DeTourism"
December 07, 2018

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, especially for children, and to spend it in Venice adds magic to it, as Venice at Christmas is the city as it exists for locals. Music, xmas markets, entertainment for children, ice skating rinks in Venice and much more.

The calendar of Le Città in Festa for Christmas offers a wide choice until Januari 2019.   Venice offers so many exhibitions! Do not miss Futuruins   at Palazzo Fortuny from December 14th to March 24th 2019 and at Centro Culturale Candiani  Venice and St. Petersburg. Patrons, artists and merchants   until March 3rd 2019.

If you love music, concerts, theatre  take the opportunity to join Advent in Music at the Church of San Trovaso on 9,16,23 / 12  and San Martino Festival at Christmas on December 21-22 at the Church of Santa Sofia and San Felice;  Christmas special guests at Goldoni Theatre on December 22nd and 23rd. In Mestre, Candiani Groove on December 7th and 14th.

Teatro Toniolo opens the season on December 22nd and 23rd with A Christmas Carol  other performances on December 26 and 31st. Dedicated to kids The magic of Zecchino d'Oro on January 6th.

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November 19, 2018

One of the most charatteristically Venetian itineraries in the mainland is, beyond a doubt,  the Riviera del Brenta. It is a good way of putting Venice in its historical perspective - showing it is to be more than a unique city which rose up from the lagoon as if by magic -  of seeing the landscape which influenced Venetian culture, and the places where residents of the Serenissima liked to spend idle summers. All this can be appreciated by travelling along the banks of the River Brenta, where the Venetians used to build their holiday villas and palaces. You first stop at Oriago to look at the villa Malcontenta, the work of Andrea Palladio. During winter closure, Villa could be visited - if possible - only for booked groups of minimum 30 people. At Mira Porte, Villa Foscari-Widman stands on the north bank of the river, and  then you find Barchessa Valmarana. An important monument is Villa Contarini detta dei Leoni, with its two marzocchi (lions bearing the shield) at the riverside entrance. Strà is the seat of the Villa Pisani National Museum in a park of 14 hectares, with splendid works of art, as Gianbattista Tiepolo’s masterpiece, The Glory of the Pisani family, a fresco on the ceiling of the ballroom. In Strà there is another Villa Pisani, known as La Barbariga, a 18th century villa with an English-style garden.